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Moustafa Elrefaey Career Summary
Originally from Tanta, Egypt, Chef Moustafa found his way into the culinary world when his passion for food and for the industry was recognized at an early age. Moustafa’s Grandmother played a big role to influence his cooking style, Moustafa went on to study the culinary arts at the HFCC in Dearborn Michigan, USA, where he learned to develop his own unique style. Over the years, until Moustafa became a Professor * teaching Professional Cooking and introduction to hospitality * Moustafa has worked under influential leaders of the Italian culinary profession who have influenced his culinary philosophy and depth of knowledge.

Chef Moustafa is currently the Executive Chef, Cofounder and Partner for Zooba Home Grown in Egypt 6 Restaurants. Before joining Zooba he worked as the Executive Chef for Troon Golf Club in Egypt. In his early career, Moustafa worked with Cariera’s Italian Cuisine as a Sous Chef for two years when he was promoted to Executive Chef in 2002. His career continued with exclusive restaurants and hotels such as the HAYATT Regency Dearborn and Fairmont Heliopolis Cairo.

Chef Moustafa is a proud Board Member and The Treasurer for the Egyptian Chefs Association. He was recently selected by the Egyptian Chefs Association to be The Egyptian Ambassador at The Chefs Without Borders Organization. and the Egyptian Heritage Keeper by the WACS

active member with Slow food,

the winner of the Falafel Festival in London 2016

His culinary philosophy and passion reflects the growing trend towards a healthier and natural lifestyle. Working with neighboring farmers to seek out the finest in regional and local organic produce is the essence of his approach. Chef Moustafa creates cuisine that pleases the senses so that the natural flavors of the food express themselves.

In addition to cooking, Chef Moustafa’s passion is to develop younger chefs to discover their own talents in the same way that he was encouraged in his early career. With this aim, he serves as a Chef Instructor at HFCC teaching Professional Cooking & Introduction to Hospitality. He encourages young chefs to attend cooking courses and cooking workshops, and provides ongoing coaching support to upcoming talents.

my Favorite thing to do is to travel all over Egypt to discover the Hidden Treasures that makes Egyptian Cuisine very unique

Favorite Quote: “As chefs we get paid to play with food….so I make sure to enjoy that.“

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